Spring Break at a Lake

When March rolls around and the chilly winter temperatures start to rise, everyone is ready for a break! There’s no better place to put your troubles aside then while floating adrift a calm, cool lake. Relax and recharge on the sandy shoes or put on your hiking boots and explore the gorgeous, scenic trails in a forest, desert or any one of the unforgettable locations of your Spring Break destination!

Whether you’re looking for a great spot to to take the family or a college student looking for the perfect place where you and your friends can let loose, staying at any one of these fun-filled lakes can offer exactly the vacation getaway you need!


Lake Powell
Stay on a houseboat in one of Lake Powell’s many scenic, Southwestern marinas. Filled with towering 1,000 foot sand stone walls, and rivers with endless offshoots to explore, Arizona’s Lake Powell is perfect for almost any type of outdoor activity. Kayak down the Escalante River Arm, hike Anasazi ruins, or enjoy a day filled with tubing, waterskiing and wakeboarding on Good Hope Bay located on Utah’s Lake Powell side, where winds are blocked and waters remain still across an expanse of nearly ten miles!

Lake Mead
Take in the quiet beauty of nature during a relaxing stay at Lake Mead. One of the largest reservoirs in the United States, Lake Mead is a desert oasis where the troubles of the everyday simply evaporate into the fresh, clean air. Surrounded by soaring mountains, voluminous canyons, you will find the perfect place to recharge in the lake’s crisp, cool waters. Visit the Alan Bible Botanical Gardens to experience the beautiful diversity the Mojave Desert has to offer. Bask in one of Lake Mead’s many hot springs, some non-thermal and some with temperatures that can get as hot as 130 degrees.

Lake Mohave
For a real underwater adventure, visit Arizona’s Lake Mohave where visitors can enjoy a fun weekend of scuba diving! Swim through a 38-foot tow barge that sank back in the 1940’s, or visit one of the two other boat wrecks that Lake Mohave allows divers to explore.

Lake Don Pedro
For the perfect week filled with hiking, fishing and hunting, California’s Lake Don Pedro is the place for your next Spring Break! Stalk the quiet woods for any one of the many game animals that can be found at this scenic destination. Known to the area are deer, black bears, gray squirrels, quails, doves, and wild turkeys.

Lake Oroville
Lake Oroville in Northern California is the perfect destination for a weekend away from it all! The destination for equestrians, Lake Oroville’s recreation area includes 17 1/2 mile loop for riders to explore as well as other areas to roam with the horses. You can’t miss Freeman Trail, a gorgeous path through tall, towering oak trees where you can steer your horse right along the soothing Feather River.

Hikers are also in luck! There are plenty of trails at the nearby Table Mountain, a real sight to see when covered in its full bloom of vibrant colorful spring flowers. You can also visit Feather Falls, the sixth largest waterfall in the US, standing at 660 feet tall.

Trinity Lake
One of the most unique features of Trinity Lake is the irregular shoreline, which creates three separate arms with many secluded tree-lined coves. Due to the expanse of the open water as well as the year-round mild temperatures, Trinity has become one of the most popular destinations for watersports in California.

In addition, the Trinity-Shasta National Forest is filled with scenic lookouts and all the outdoor activities your heart desires with unbeatable bicycling trails, hunting, fishing, watersports, horseback riding and more!


Lake Havasu

Lake Havasu has been featured on MTV’s Spring Break, not once, but twice. A well-known destination for wild Spring Break fun, Lake Havasu has lots to offer college students who are ready to take a break from the books and have a weekend of fun on the water. At Lake Havasu, boat parties last all day and when the sun goes down, there’s plenty of nightlife to be enjoyed. Hit up Kokomo or one of Lake Havasu City’s other bars and clubs where you can grab a few drinks and catch some live music. London Bridge Resort is one of the most popular places to stay, because it’s right in the middle of all the action.

With so many fun activities to choose from, the question is whether or not you’ll spend your next break at a lake, but instead, which one you’ll choose! Whether Spring Break is a time for you to cut loose and get wild or simply enjoy a relaxing couple of days away from it all, any one of these crisp, refreshing lakes can offer you the getaway you need! Reset and recharge beneath the gorgeous golden sunlight, then cool off in the water, and repeat! Spring Break will be here before you know it, so start planning your perfect vacation now!

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