Lake Mead Callville Bay

A Stunning Oasis...
In a Picture Perfect Desert Environment!

Picture a beautiful desert landscape, warm sunshine on your back, blue sky overhead, a scenic panorama of sand dunes, rock formations and canyons all around you; now picture a stunning oasis in that desert...


A blue lake sparkling in the rays of the sunlight, and inviting you to make a splash in its cool refreshing waters. That oasis is Lake Mead in the Mead National Recreation Area, a beautiful lake in the desert that straddles the border between Arizona and Nevada. It is the result of an amazing achievement. It was created with the construction of the Hoover Dam back in 1936. This forced the waters of the Lower Colorado River to form a lake that covers an area of 225 square miles, 110 miles long and almost 20 miles wide, and boasts a shoreline that stretches for 550 miles. The lake is surrounded by an almost surreal outcrop of rugged shades of red contoured rock formations that sometimes give it a dreamlike feeling. Lake Mead is a short 30 mile drive from Las Vegas. Your houseboat on Lake Mead places you in a historic and natural landscape with plenty to do during the day and incredible night skies to sooth away the cares and stress of the daily grind.

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Memories to last a lifetime

It's More than a Vacation...
It's an Experience that will Last a Lifetime

Houseboating is a unique kind of vacation experience. It is an experience that is to be shared with family and friends. It's an opportunity to create memories that will last forever.


The natural treasures of the lake, the rocks, the desert, the setting, maybe the occasional bighorn sheep... they all combine to round out the ideal desert adventure. You will find plenty enough to keep you entertained on the water at Lake Mead, but exploring scenic surrounding countryside opens up many new adventures as well. Hiking and biking trails abound, some flat and some more challenging. Discover your own slot canyon or hot springs, your own craggy rocks to enjoy your picnic. This is what getting outdoors is all about. And once you have had your fill of fun in the desert countryside, return to your oasis on the water, to share stories over a cold beverage or two.

As your houseboat plots its course around the lake, you'll kick back with a group of friends or family welcoming the gentle breeze, and the montage of changing colors highlighted by the setting sun. It is then that you will realize that there is nothing that brings a family or group of friends together better than houseboating. Lake Mead is a special place that will create those memories that last a lifetime.

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Lake Mead recreation

So you Want to Rock the Boat?
Lake Mead is the Perfect Year-Round Destination for all your Water Recreational fun!

Activities flourish from water skiing, scuba diving or snorkeling in the crystal clear waters, perhaps a dive to find the sunken remains of a WWII B 29 Superfortress plane that crashed in 1948.

Fishing is a popular activity on Lake Mead. Grab your fishing license and go fishing for striped and largemouth bass, catfish, coho salmon, rainbow trout and sunfish. The record bass caught on Lake Mead was 12 lbs! Apart from angling there are more strenuous activities that include kayaking, jet skiing, water skiing, or tubing. These activities will certainly increase the heart rate for thrill seekers. For those on the lookout for land based activities there are great trails that have you hike through combinations of strange rock formations, open desert and through railroad tunnels that are no longer in use. This is also a great spot for those seeking helicopter rides, hot air ballooning, scenic plane tours – which will even take you over Las Vegas. Speaking of, Las Vegas is less than an hour away and could make for a great pre or post houseboat trip, as it will be the most popular airport to fly into Lake Mead. The best thing is being able to unwind at the end of the day on your own houseboat while soaking in those incredible Lake Mead vistas.

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The Perfect Escape

Lake Mead:
Time for a guys trip, a girls escape, or corporate team building.

Perhaps a place to relax after Las Vegas. Lake Mead is the perfect destination for a fun-filled escape...

A short ride from Las Vegas and only a half day drive from Phoenix, Los Angeles, San Diego or Salt Lake. Callville Bay Marina will help you get started on your houseboat adventure. Great fishing can be found in the crystal clear water. Catch Bass or Catfish. Perhaps you seek an extra burst of adrenaline. Go grab a power boat, or personal watercraft and water ski, pull a tube, or do some a jet-skiing. Lake Mead has an area of 225 square miles, 110 miles long and almost 20 miles wide, and boasts a shoreline that stretches for 550 miles providing the perfect backdrop for any water adventure you have in mind. At the end of a fun-filled day relax over a nice meal and a glass of wine as you star gaze.

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Expert Guidance

Expert Guidance in Planning your
Perfect Houseboat Experience

Our team of experts will help you plan your ideal houseboat vacation. We know the lakes, what's around the lakes, the houseboats, the things you need to know when planning your trip.


Over the years Houseboat Reservation's parent company, National Park Reservations, has helped millions of people find the ideal National Park vacation. It is that same customer driven focus that we bring to assist you in finding the right houseboat, in the right location, at the right price. We make sure you have the best price. We can also help with lodging arrangements as well. We are your one stop shop. Our team of experts will help you plan your ideal houseboat vacation. We know the lakes, what's around the lakes, the houseboats, the things you need to know when planning your trip. We know the great outdoors better than anyone. Our satisfaction comes as a result of our satisfied clients.

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