Lake Powell Houseboating Activities

Lake Powell, America’s second largest man-made reservoir, offers an endless amount of activities with everything from hiking to kayaking, and fishing to wakeboarding. Enjoy the crisp blue waters and the sundrenched, sandy beaches. Dine at any one of the restaurants at Lake Powell, all offering spectacular views of the pearlescent lake and wondrous sandstone surroundings. With so much to do and see, Lake Powell promises fun that never ends!


Cathedral in the Desert
Discover a majestic passageway that leads you back in time. At Cathedral in the Desert, a cavernous monument near the Glen Canyon Dam, you can immerse yourself in the peaceful serenity of the calm waters and beautifully carved sandstone walls. The sandstone walls soar as high as 1,000 feet above you, narrowing to spaces as small as only 12 feet wide in certain areas. Explore the marvel by boat, kayak, paddle board or by hiking across the nearby shore.

Iceberg Canyon
You can’t leave Lake Powell without witnessing the wonders of Iceberg Canyon! Iceberg Canyon is a place all its own with its own pristine world, with numerous gorges alive with vibrant orange hues and deep oranges and luscious plant life. Hop off your boat or kayak and explore the majestic Anasazi ruins or enjoy the canyon’s unbelievable fishing!

LaGorce Arch in Davis Gulch
Venture off the Escalante River to witness the noble beauty of LaGorche Arch. Towering one hundred feet above you, this is the perfect spot to enjoy daybreak or nightfall. The sunlight pours through the arch as it melts against the horizon, the sky filling with hues as vibrant as the blue water and fiery sandstone shores.

Lost Eden Canyon
After you’re through sunbathing on the shore, enjoy a peaceful afternoon boating or kayaking at Los Eden Canyon. You can glide across the canyon’s magically still waters without a care in the world, leisurely exploring its many incredible amphitheaters.


Boat Tours

Enjoy the stunning scenery of this magnificent lake, with any one of Lake Powell’s fascination boat tours. Explore the Lake Powell canyons where you can see giant, statuesque walls towering 600 feet above you, some with gorgeous Navajo Sandstone geology featuring fiery orange and red rocks. You can also embark on an excursion to the Rainbow Bridge National Monument, a unique natural formation beautifully carved by the elements. The arch rises almost 300 feet into the sky and spreads equally across Bridge Canyon. Also available is a charming 2 hour sunset, dinner cruise, perfect for couples who want a night all to themselves.

To explore all that Lake Powell has to offer, grab a kayak and hit the water paddling! There’s no better way to enjoy the fresh, glistening waters than to get lost in a day of magnificent discovery. For an unforgettable excursion, cruise on down the Escalate River Arm where you can explore the many chasms, canyon offshoots, and spacious amphitheaters that decorate its pathways.

Toss the line in the water and kick up your feet! Lake Powell is the perfect location for a relaxing day of fishing. The crisp, refreshing waters are filled with smallmouth bass, largemouth bass, striped bass, channel catfish, crappie, walleye, and bluegill. After a day of enjoying the sun and the water, head to the grill where you can enjoy your day’s catch as a beer battered fillet or smothered in butter.

Equipment can be purchased from general stores in the Marina, but it’s recommended you purchase a fishing license ahead of time. Visitors have a great chance of catching fish year round. Guided fishing excursions are also available!

For the golfer in us all, Lake Powell offers a world-class golf course! The course is complete with 18 holes, and has multiple tee boxes between 5,000-7,000 yards.

Explore the essence of the Southwest with one of Lake Powell’s many hiking trails. Enjoy a hike at sunrise, watching the sky light up in pink and purple hues, or journey across the vibrant trails as the golden sunlight melts across the orange and green surroundings. Find trails that lead to sandy beaches, or across narrow, scenic canyons, or explore sacred Native American landmarks and gorgeous, geological formations that you’ll rarely have the chance to see elsewhere.

Wakeboarding and Waterskiing
Enjoy an adventure-filled day of water sports in Lake Powell’s Good Hope Bay. The bay was designed by nature to be enjoyed for every type of water sport! Good Hope Bay is angled just so that the winds are reduced, and the water is kept smooth and glassy across its ten mile stretch. Another great spot for watersports is the Rincon, with its large, curved arms that make it perfectly suited to kayaks, tubes and more!


Houseboats at Lake Powell
You’ll have a great time in one of the many different types of Houseboats that are offered at Lake Powell! One of the more popular options for a couple or a large family wanting to travel in comfort during their vacation is the 59’ Deluxe or the 60’ Eagle. Both of these Houseboats can sleep up to ten people and offers a propane BBQ grill, fully equipped kitchen, AM/FM radio, a sun canopy, waterslide, fly bridge and wet bar. The 70’ Silver and 70’ Gold can sleep up to twelve people and offers a propane BBQ grill, fully equipped kitchen, AM/FM radio, a sun canopy, waterslide, fly bridge and wet bar plus a hot tub on the top deck. The 75’ Silver Xtreme and the 75’ Platinum are the luxury houseboats of the fleet. Complete with Satellite TV’s, hot tubs, wet bars, and gourmet kitchens, luxury houseboats offer a Lake Powell experience that mixes outdoor fun with all the amenities and entertainment your heart desires. Enjoy the ultimate houseboating experience on one of the 50 to 75 foot boats. Bring along the whole crew and share an unforgettable weekend on the water! See a full list of houseboats and their amenities at Lake Powell Houseboat Fleet.

With its scenic hiking trails and winding river pathways, at Lake Powell, the exploration never ends. Perfect for a fun-filled day of water activities or a peaceful afternoon on one of its many shores, this is the ultimate destination for your next get-away. Book your stay at Lake Powell, where you’re sure to enjoy a vacation unlike any other!

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