Houseboat vs. Hotels

With so much to do and see at all of America’s finest lakes, the best vacation of your life can happen on a houseboat! Houseboats are a great option for families or large groups of friends vacationing together. Take a break from everyday life and spend an enjoyable week relaxing at a peaceful, sunny lake. The good times can last all day and night on any one of the many houseboat options there are to choose from. Spend a day roaming the water on your kayak before a night of card games on the Economy Houseboat you share with your family. Or explore hidden alcoves, hiking the shores all day before a night of relaxation in the Deluxe Houseboat’s very own hot tub.

When deciding between a hotel or a houseboat for your next lake vacation, there are many important options to consider! With a houseboat, it may be easier if you book farther in advance. However, there are a number of different houseboats available so you can make sure you include the amenities you need and book a trip for the price you want to pay. Take a look at some of the points below to help you find the option that’s best for your next vacation.

Will you want to cook?

Some hotel rooms offer little in terms of kitchen and cooking options while many houseboats come equipped with a full-range kitchen, perfect for preparing delicious meals for your friends or family. It can be loads of fun to grill out with the whole crew! A great option for those who like to fish, you can get home quickly, prepare your catch, and enjoy one of the freshest meals of you life!

What kind of amenities do you want?

While many hotels have pools for their guests to swim in, most close long before you’re ready for bed! When you’re floating on the water all night long, you are free to stick to your own schedule!

Find a houseboat that comes equipped with your very own hot tub and spend your evenings relaxing under the stars in a warm, bubbling jacuzzi! You and your traveling companions will have the hot tub all to yourselves to be used whenever you’d like.

How much traveling do you want to do?

Where will you be spending most of your time? If you plan on indulging in water sports all day long or soaking up some sun on the sandy shores, a houseboat offers loads of convenience. Tie your jet ski or kayak right up to your houseboat without having to worry about the hassle of loading or unloading it into the water every day.

With a houseboat, you won’t have to worry about traveling back and forth between your hotel and the lake’s hiking trails or marinas. What could be better than waking up right where you want to be at the beginning of every day?

How many people will you be staying with?

When you stay on a houseboat, there’s no need to worry about how many rooms you need to book and if you can find rooms near one another.

Houseboats also offer a lot more sleeping space than a traditional hotel room. There are a number of bedrooms, couches and other areas to divide amongst your companions.

On a houseboat, you can enjoy an intimate vacation with your friends and family. No need to worry about splitting up for breakfast or whose hotel room will be your meeting place. Instead, you can enjoy leisurely breakfasts meals together, and all you’ll have to worry about is whether you want to go fishing or hiking first!

Houseboats also allow your group plenty of privacy. No need to lug your stuff from here to there or head back to the car and store it. You have everything you need right there with you on your portal vacation home! When it’s time for bed, you can roam the marinas until you find the perfect spot. If you have any noisy neighbors, just find another spot to drop anchor for the night!

Houseboat Options

Choose the houseboat that is right for your group! Do you want a gourmet kitchen and flat screen TV? Or do you just need a place to sleep at night after you’ve worn yourself out after a day on the water? You can choose between Luxury, Deluxe, and Economy houseboat rentals of all different shapes and sizes, many fitting as many as 12 people per boat!

When you’re on a houseboat, your next lakeside vacation is sure to be unforgettable! Enjoy a week filled with fresh air, cool water, and more activities than you can imagine. Once you fuel up and unload, get ready for a week of nothing but nonstop fun and relaxation!

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