Houseboating and Activities at Lake Mead

Lake Mead is a serene and captivating place to take a break! Close to Las Vegas, this relaxing desert get-away is filled with historic hiking trails, water trails and remnants to explore. Perfect for fishing, and exploring, a houseboat vacation at Lake Mead offers a fun and peaceful trip whether it’s for a whole week or just a couple of days!


Lake Mead, only about a 25 mile drive from the Las Vegas Strip, is located in both Nevada and Arizona. Currently the country’s largest reservoir in terms of water capacity, the lake was formed by the Hoover Dam. Lake Mead supplies water to farms and residents of Arizona, Nevada, and California.


Over 200 different species of birds are known to habitat Lake Mead, most drawn to the area only after the lake had been built. Similarly, a number of fish have been brought to Lake Mead. The reservoir is home to bass fish, channel catfish, crappie, rainbow trout, and more. The area is the perfect spot for a fishing expedition, containing almost 300 square miles of water surface. Will Beach and Cottonwood Cove are two of the most popular locations for fishing. However, with the lake sitting on two different states with separate regulations, you must make sure to keep track of your location.

Historic St. Thomas

Come explore a true Western ghost town at Lake Mead! Once a bustling stop off point on the Arrowhead Trail, located between Los Angeles and Salt Lake City, St. Thomas, Nevada thrived during the 1930’s. However, the busy town sank beneath water after the construction of Lake Mead. The fascinating remains of this old western outpost still stand today.

Historic Railroad Trail

At Lake Mead, you have the chance to travel through a trail that was named a National Historic Trail in 2015. Railroad Trail is a fun hike to take with friends and family. Featuring stunning panoramic views of Lake Mead, Boulder Basin and Fortification Hill, you can venture through old railroad tunnels and wander through a space touched by decades long past.

Black Canyon Water Trail

Named a National Water Trail, this beautiful guided waterway tour offers visitors the chance to explore sand-covered beaches, hidden coves, soothing hot springs and colorful, vibrant caves. You can also catch spectacular views of desert wildlife, like the bighorn sheep.

Arizona Hot Springs

Visit the calming, peaceful springs of Lake Mead for an all-natural hot bath. Located amongst large granite and volcanic boulders, the trail to the hot springs can be a tough one, ending with a 20 foot ladder that must be climbed to reach the springs. However, the journey is well worth it! With an outpouring of hot, mineralized water, and surroundings filled with beautiful and unique desert plants, the hot springs are a soothing and unforgettable place to relax.


Enjoy captivating scenery on a laid back cruise as you sail across Lake Mead’s cool, blue waters, surrounded by the bright desert sunshine. You can choose between a variety of cruises, like the Champagne Brunch Cruise where you can dine and sip champagne under the sunny sky, bask in the gorgeous morning light, and enjoy a breathtaking view of Lake Mead’s colorful surroundings. Also available is the Mid-Day Sightseeing cruise for an afternoon break or visitors can choose to enjoy the dinner cruise as the sun melts into the horizon and the temperatures cool.

Hoover Dam

Designated as a National Historic Landmark, the Hoover Dam is a sight you can’t miss! A stunning technological achievement, the dam is over 700 feet tall and has enough water running through the generators each second to fill 15 swimming pools. The dam was built in the 1930’s and required over 20,000 men and materials from every state in the U.S.A.!

Helicopter Tours

Enjoy a private tour of Lake Mead and the Hoover Dam from up high! You’ll get unbeatable photo opportunities and a bird’s eye view of the stunning, desert landscape.

Las Vegas Trail Run

Leak Mead and the surrounding areas also have a lot to offer runners! Join one of the Desert Dash groups and race with companions across soft, unpaved trails. There are also numerous races and marathons to compete in through the Spring and Summer months.

Boulder City Ziplining

For the adventurous vacationer, the Boulder City Ziplines are a thrill you have to try! Reach speeds of up to 60 MPH as you zoom across the majestic Mojave Desert. These ziplines are by far the most exciting way to see the desert!

Just for Kids

There is plenty of fun activities for kids at Lake Mead! Kids can earn a Junior Ranger badge when they complete a number of activities at Lake Mead. Kids can solve fun puzzles and learn about Lake Mead while they complete a series of games made just for them!


Lake Mead offers a variety of houseboat rentals to suit any traveler's needs. Depending on your party’s size, you can choose from a 50’, 59’, 60’, 70’ or 75’ boat. The different boats can fit anywhere from 6 to 12 people, all containing different amenities and features to fit your needs or your budget.

With so much to do at Lake Mead, this is the perfect place to spend a couple of days or weeks! Vacation right atop the water at this scenic, desert getaway. There are exhilarating trails to hike, hot springs to soak in, and an endless number of locations to explore! Your Lake Mead vacation is just a click away! Lake Mead

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